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Modular Clean Room
We are here offering a wide range of modular clean room that is used for various scientific and medical purposes. The room has low level of pollutants and is strictly clean and safe for use.
Clean Room Panels
We offer the clean room panels that are used for various clean rooms and are made of high quality materials for a long service life. The panels are of commercial and industrial uses.
Clean Room Doors
The clean room doors are offered by us in various colors, types and sizes that are highly strong and very easy to install. The room doors are necessary for privacy, security and protection of the room.
Operation Theatre
The operation theatre is offered by us that is used for medical examination and procedures. It is highly equipped and is used in various hospitals and medical institutions.
Air Handling Unit
The air handling unit is offered by us that are used for various purposes. The unit is highly useful and durable. It makes the air flow and control very easy and is easy to operate and install.
Air Shower
We offer the air shower that is used for cleaning and making the clean room pollutant and contamination free. They are easy to install and used in various clean room for cleaning purposes.
Laminar Air Flow Systems
The Laminar air flow system is offered by us for maintaining the effective control and regulation of the air flow system in the place. It is highly durable and easy to operate.
HVAC Filter
The HVAC filter is offered by us in various types and sizes for keeping the performance of the HVAC ducts and air systems up to the mark. It is highly useful and reliable.
The ducting offered by us is helpful in providing a complete air flow system within various places including hospitals, offices, alls etc. It is made for easy control of air flow system and ventilation within the building.
Pass Boxes
We are the manufacturer and suppliers of high quality pass boxes that are used for maintaining the clean room environment. They are made of high quality material and are used in research centers and other fields.
Kitchen Exhaust
The kitchen exhaust is offered by us for use in various commercial places and is very powerful. The exhaust is necessary for keeping the kitchen smell free and is made of high quality metal.
Extraction system
We are here offering the various types of extraction systems that are used in various industries for fume and dust extraction. These are high power systems having high strength and performance.
HVAC Design & Consultancy
We are supplying the various types of HVAC designs and consultancy according to the need of the customers in various industries. They are very good designs and we also offer the particles tests for the clean room.

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